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1. Researchers link Twitter photo quality with user depression, anxiety
Twitter users with depression and anxiety were found to be more likely to post social media pictures with lower aesthetic values and less vivid colors, particularly images in grayscale, according to a new study led by researchers at Penn Medicine. ePharm Brief
2. Allergan taps financial tech company to study how to make aesthetics procedures more affordable
PatientFi, a financial technology company that partners with medical practices to offer patients accessible financing plans for elective procedures, has partnered with Allergan. ePharm Brief
3. Tool helps providers detect healthcare problems sooner
An easy-to-use, brief, inexpensive new tool developed and validated by researchers at the Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University will help healthcare providers track and potentially identify early onset of more complex, serious underlying issues that could otherwise go undetected. ePharm Brief
4. Mindfulness-based app helped with smoking cessation more than other app
Researchers have found that a mindfulness-based smartphone app designed to help people stop smoking was effective at reducing study participants' self-reported daily cigarette consumption. ePharm Brief
5. New York's balance billing law has helped consumers
Consumer complaints about surprise medical bills in New York have dropped sharply since the state enacted a law in 2014 protecting consumers against certain charges for out-of-network (OON) services not paid by an insurance plan. ePharm Brief
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Where We Stand: Social Media, Pharma, and the Online Discussion
Where We Stand: Social Media, Pharma, and the Online Discussion
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