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Where We Stand: Social Media, Pharma, and the Online Discussion

Health Site 411

Take Your Medicine: Marketing to Moms Online

Opportunity Texts: Mobile Marketing and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Deepening the relationship: Pharma physician portals

Fair Market Value: Compliance tips and fee schedule benchmarking

Cardiologist survey shows more is not better when it comes to reps

Targeting the Asian-American Market: What are you waiting for?

Fear of blogging: Should pharma use corporate blogs?

The emerging trend of ETC: Using education campaigns to reach consumers and physicians

Marketing strategies for antiobesity drugs and an overview of the obesity epidemic

Where the doctors are: Gaining access to physicians through the use of e-marketing tools

DTC marketing outlook 2005

Neuro access heightened by new point-of-treatment e-culture

The Impact of Cancer Care’s Shift to the Hospital Outpatient Setting: New survey data and plans from cancer care providers

ePharm Report Autumn 2004

Study of echoboomers uncovers new markets for pharmcos

Pharmcos move toward using public relations as a marketing tool
Top Stories
1. Statin usage linked to double the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
2. Shorter MICU rotation length reduced physician burnout
3. Many Americans doubt vaccine safety, often because of online info
4. Relaxing before health appointment helps with understanding
5. Overdose risk increases when family member was previously dispensed Rx opioids
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