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HCPro’s Resources for Pharmaceutical Executives

HCPro, the nation’s premier healthcare custom publishing, marketing, and training company, has a variety of resources for pharmaceutical companies.

Compliance Alert for Drug Sales and Marketing
A free, biweekly e-mail newsletter offering the latest news, analysis, and expert tips on federal regulations and codes affecting pharma sales and marketing.

HCPro’s Marketing Advantage
A free monthly e-mail newsletter for marketing professionals, featuring marketing ideas, news, and information.

Medicare Reform Advisor
This weekly newsletter delivered electronically, features concise updates and analysis on how the new Medicare Reform Act will affect providers and pharma firms. Find out how sweeping changes to Medicare can influence business decisions. Also read in-depth stories on hot topics, such as how drug companies can plan for changes to average-sales price reimbursement and more. FREE sample available.

Sales Rep Training Program
These customized training programs, held on-site at your company, are designed to help sales representatives increase direct access to physicians and other healthcare professionals. Topics include compliance with the HIPAA privacy regulations, the OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and the PhRMA Code.

Off-Label Training Handbook for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps
The FDA restricts the promotion of prescription drugs for off-label and investigational uses. Pharmaceutical companies face potentially huge penalties if their sales or marketing reps violate this law and produce misleading information. Use this handbook to train your teams on the requirements for off-label marketing and what sales reps can and cannot tell healthcare providers and other customers about off-label drug use. Sold in packs of 25 handbooks. FREE sample available.

HIPAA Training Handbook for Pharma Sales Reps
This convenient, pocket-sized handbook (with quiz) will help sales reps reduce provider concerns about liability and breaches to patient privacy, remain HIPAA compliant, and work more effectively with physicians, pharmacists, and practice managers. Sold in packs of 25 handbooks. FREE sample available.

Compliance Training Handbook for Pharma Sales Reps
Since 2000, the Department of Justice has settled more than $2 billion in fraud allegations against pharmaceutical manufacturers. This handbook (with quiz) will help sales reps reduce company liability and provider concerns about noncompliance. Sold in packs of 25 handbooks.FREE sample available.

Online Compliance Training for Pharma Sales Reps
This online course offers clear explanations and case scenarios of high-risk areas for pharma sales and marketing, including the False Claims Act, discounts, payments for detailing, manipulation of average wholesale prices, business courtesies, off-label marketing, and more. FREE course demo available.

Online HIPAA Training for Pharma Sales Reps
HIPAA has emerged as a barrier to pharmaceutical sales. Many providers and practice managers don't understand how the HIPAA privacy rule applies to sales calls, and limit sales visits because of compliance concerns. This interactive online course will help sales reps comply with the HIPAA privacy regulations and increase direct access to providers. FREE course demo available.

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