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1. UNC Health Care develops fully integrated telehealth solution
(June 27, 2019)
2. Traditional, financial wellness benefits may be best bet for employers
(June 27, 2019)
3. AI-powered voice application now features Ambient Mode
(June 26, 2019)
4. Gender bias lingers among patients but is fading
(June 20, 2019)
5. Cancer therapy advances outpace clinical trial enrollment
(June 20, 2019)
6. Sexual orientation affects neurological treatment, but many neurologists don't realize it
(June 20, 2019)
7. Language in Facebook posts can help ID health conditions in patients
(June 19, 2019)
8. Getting opioids for the first time while hospitalized doubles risk for continued use
(June 19, 2019)
9. Medicaid expansion helped cut the reported child neglect rate
(June 18, 2019)
10. Study reveals gaps in rheumatoid arthritis care
(June 18, 2019)
Previous Articles
1. New Survey Indicates "Highest-Value" Physicians Most Likely to Participate in Aptilon's Live Video Detailing Service
November 12, 2008
2. Pain Relief Site Offers Free Medical Doctor Content
November 20, 2008
3. Nation's Teen Vaccination Coverage Increasing, But Below 2010 Goals
October 30, 2008
4. New Study Shows Confusion About Blood Pressure Undermines Good Heart Health - WHL Calls for Family and Loved Ones To Get Involved
October 1, 2008
5. Survey Cites Executive and Physician Leadership, Adherence to Infection Prevention Practices as Areas of Improvement to Prevent Healthcare-Associated...
September 25, 2008
6. InspireMD Announces Enrollment of First Patients in the MGuard(TM) Acute Myocardial Infarction Clinical Trial Data Will be Used to Confirm Initial Positive Results
September 25, 2008
September 22, 2008
8. National Survey Reveals Contradictory Awareness Levels of High Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis Among Hispanic Americans
September 11, 2008
9. Survey Reveals that Doctors Feel Pressured By Health Insurers to Alter Treatment of Patients
September 10, 2008
10. Patients Taking Cymbalta(R) Experienced Reduced Chronic Low Back Pain in New Study
September 12, 2008
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1. Statin usage linked to double the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
2. Shorter MICU rotation length reduced physician burnout
3. Many Americans doubt vaccine safety, often because of online info
4. Relaxing before health appointment helps with understanding
5. Overdose risk increases when family member was previously dispensed Rx opioids
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1. Physician burnout costs U.S. healthcare system about $4.6B a year
2. U.S. dentists far out-prescribing their British counterparts in opioids
3. Test measures stress hormone levels
4. Lifestyle factors have huge potential to affect heart disease
5. Cholesterol levels in U.S. youth improving but still high
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