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1. AARP launches 'Stop Rx Greed' campaign to lower prescription drug prices
(March 18, 2019)
2. Shaquille O'Neal joins pharma heart failure campaign
(March 18, 2019)
3. Jay Leno joins Amgen campaign on cholesterol management for heart health
(March 14, 2019)
4. Rally Health launches next-gen consumer digital health platform
(March 14, 2019)
5. OptumRx, UnitedHealthcare expanding consumer point-of-sale Rx discount programs
(March 13, 2019)
6. Gilead grants to support aging with HIV
(March 5, 2019)
7. Tool helps pharma companies find patients, prescribers interested in specific condition
(February 28, 2019)
8. Groups launch ethics principles for digital health
(February 26, 2019)
9. Astellas partnership aims to integrate patient feedback for shared decision-making tools
(February 25, 2019)
10. Payments, even small ones, prompt lies from clinical trial participants
(February 18, 2019)
Previous Articles
1. Tailor marketing messages when targeting long-term care staff
July 6, 2009
2. TiVo Expands Stop||Watch(TM) Ratings Service Sample Size to 100,000 Households
November 19, 2008
3. Marketing Executives Networking Group Survey: Social Media Practices Still in Infancy Stages
November 18, 2008
4. YouTube channels Google with search-driven ads
November 14, 2008
5. Election Results Further Validate Efficacy of Harris Interactive's Online Methodology
November 10, 2008
6. Social Networks Provide Richest Source of Opinions from Members Willing to Share, LinkedIn Study Reveals
November 7, 2008
7. Physicians Rank Schering-Plough's Marketing Messages for Asmanex as the Most Appealing in the Asthma Drug Market
November 6, 2008
8. New Research Shows Experiential Is Best for Driving Sales and WOM Among Hispanic Consumers
November 5, 2008
9. DVR Fast-Forwarding May Not be Fatal to TV Ads
November 5, 2008
10. TV Viewing and Internet Use Are Complementary, Nielsen Reports
November 3, 2008
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1. AI and physicians work best together
2. Heart failure sensor cuts hospitalizations in half
3. Few treatment recommendations are derived from multiple large, randomized clinical trials
4. Number of people with severe depression might be higher than national data shows
5. Heart attack prevention, outcomes have improved dramatically
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1. Including drug prices in TV ads unlikely to help control prices
2. 23andMe genetic health risk report gets FDA clearance
3. Medical marketing spending skyrocketed over two decades
4. Cigna taps Queen Latifah, Nick Jonas, Ted Danson for 'whole person' health campaign
5. Eisai launches metastatic breast cancer campaign
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